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De Foret Resort

The Best Resort in the Swaraj Dweep (Havelock) Island Awaits you under the Sun

Picture a reality where you are encompassed by sun-kissed sandy shorelines, purplish-blue crystalline tidal ponds, baffling tropical rainforests, stunning corals and awesome twilight skies. In the lap of the dazzling Andaman Islands and inside the gated community and surroundings of DE FORET at Swaraj Dweep (Havelock) resort, this visual treat and sensual pleasure becomes a reality.

Our resort is motivated by the magnificence of the Andaman Islands. It is poised on the enchanted ground with all the luxurious amenities to ensure the guests get pampered. The statement of this motivation is etched on every inch of the property. Be it in the rainforest that houses the resort grounds, the exquisitely rural eco-friendly settlement, the crisp and privately sourced fixings or the breathtakingly beautiful view from the window. Relax your tired nerves by settling into the magical abode detached from the hustle-bustle of the city life.

DE FORET resort isn't just a name, but on the other hand, is our philosophy through which we convey a definitive Andaman encounter. It starts from the season of entry, when visitors are asked to expel their shoes as they enter the wooden anteroom building. The vibe of warm wood underneath bare feet starts the procedure of reconnecting oneself to nature or establishing oneself to the convention and shedding the city trance.

The DE FORET intends to create a lasting impression of the land by connecting its guests to the ethereal beauty of nature. The best part about our resort is, we house all the luxurious amenities, advanced hospitality services by keeping the purity of nature intact. The thick wilderness is surrounding us and we regard its occupants as our family. We keep the commotion and light levels to a base, as we prefer not to irritate or disturb the serenity of our wilderness companions.

We are finely equipped with resources to hold our wilderness climate and to limit the unsettling influence on the nighttime occupants of our property, including the uncommon Scops owls that have made our grounds their home, thus we have shunned pathway lighting. An electric lamp will be your guide during the evening along the pathways of our sprawling grounds, as we endeavor to consciously exist together with different animals in our condition.

We have created the entire resort from common materials and with apportion to keep untamed life. Anyway keeping nourishment in these rooms is an open welcome to animals from the wilderness thus we don't give room benefit, both for your wellbeing and solace and additionally to counteract conduct change of scavenging animals that are accustomed to accommodating themselves from the timberland and have not been made to depend upon the vacationer’sleftovers.

We want guests who share our vision of a beachside rainforest withdraw and we welcome you to visit us to revel in the beautiful landscape of the Andamans. Get attuned to this picturesquebeauty just like us.

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The Reason You Choose Us

  • Best Value for Family

    We provide you the exotic feel on your room stay, feel fresh and rejuvenated and these are all within the belt in De Foret.

  • Beatiful Panorama

    Our De Foret resort is a wood-based restaurant. It is located amid the enchanting Andaman Islands. The beautiful panorama of De Foret Resort is a sight to behold.

  • Best Services & Facilities

    Our staffs are well-trained professionals and experienced in the hotel industry. We maintain extreme hygiene and safety blended with luxury and comfort.

  • Enjoy Your Time

    Get attuned to this enchanting island just like us.We welcome you to visit us andlose yourself in the beautiful landscape of the Andamans.